Chartagon: Traces

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Chartagon: Traces, or simply “Traces”, is one of the four corner stones of the Chartagon game series. In Traces you have to find an ancient artefact and bring it back to the mainland to the Queen’s studies. Unfortunately you arrive late in autumn, and the winter is coming early! You have to search different locations and find everything you need within 20 days (moves), or the game is over.

It is important to know that some key findings are found at the same place every time, and that you will learn where they are. This is by design. However, the difficulty varies depending on how you design the board map. Traces can both be considered a puzzle/maze game, or a multiplayer solitaire!

The Traces game was developed in < flash of inspiration, and the design and mechanics were finalized during just a few spring weeks in 2020. During 2021 the rules were adjusted, and the mechanics are set with just a bit of parameter tweaking remaining. The game is still under game testing.

While you play, you will get leads to the history of the Chartagon world by scanning QR codes, but this not needed to play the game. However, they provide interesting information for those who seek.

The soundtrack and environmental sounds (found at gives the game a rather relaxing atmosphere.

Example of cards


Because Traces is played on a modifiable game board consisting of boxes that you arrange into one or several islands, you can also adjust the board to make it just as hard as you want. Of course we could not resist to give you some ideas before you go on and design your own islands! You will find them below…


Island 1 is the island that is shown on the rules sheet which comes with the game. This is a rather easy island to succeed on, and there are no special rules.


Island 2 is a rugged island without much bird life (not that it matters for the players). Note that the suspension bridge card is not used. There are no special rules for this island.


Special rules: The memorial boat landings does not give access to the island due to high cliffs. The only way to reach the memorial is by using the suspension bridge. You need to get into the cave from the boat. The lighthouse is also reached by boat. When getting up to the lighthouse you both need the ladder and the anchor to fasten the boat.


Special rules: half of the players (or at least one) starts on another island, close to the cleft. Also note that the broken dinghy is already found (but not fixed), and is landed close to the starting tile. The boat is stranded on the memorial island and still needs rudder and sails.


Special rules: The cleft is placed on a shallow islet that is affected by tidal water. You can land it from any side, but it does not give protection from storms, and it is only searchable on even day numbers. Also, the suspension bridge is broken, and you will need the rope while using the bridge.


Special rules: the players start on a different island, next to the landed boat, which does not have rudder and sails. The broken dinghy is already found and landed next to the boat.


Special rules: On this island all vertical squares takes 1 day to climb up. Getting down does not take extra time.

Also, the 2021 version contains more details about the cave. As you play, the cave grows bigger, revealing how many traces you find in it.

With all this said, we hope that you will enjoy Traces as much as we do!