The Chartagon game was invented by Pär Nyström, who also have the copyrights.

Game testing and improvements

Lot’s of people have tested the games and has provided valuable feedback. Kim Astor and Hans Nyström have a special place in the development of the Chartagon games. Other valuable testers/designers are listed below!

Chartagon: Competition and Discoveries: Anna, Klara and Moa Nylén, Anton Gerbrand, Johanna Lieb, Amanda Lindkvist, Ville and Fia Gustafsson, Ingemar Strand, David Svärd

Chartagon: Storm Island: Klara Nylén, Moa Nylén, Anna Nylén, Ann-Kristin Nyström, Leif Nyström.

Chartagon: Traces: Inga Lindblad, Gustaf Gredebäck, Hans Nyström

Chartagon: Lost Towers: Ingemar Strand, Klara Nylén, Moa Nylén.

Artwork and music

Pär Nyström made all artwork on the maps and cards, and most of the other artworks. Reconstructions of Chartagonian landscapes was also made in collaboration with Anna Nylén, and Moa Nylén. Music was composed by Pär Nyström.


  • The Chartagon rules was originally written in Swedish.
  • The English translations was made by Pär Nyström and Joshua Jovrud.