A part of a typical Chartagon map

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Welcome to the Chartagon web pages. The Chartagon board games is a series of board games where you explore one or several islands, and also get some information about the Chartagonian world, history and cultures. There are four games that will reveal the most important environments of the Chartagon world, and present the beginning and end of the Queen’s bloodline:

  1. Chartagon: Competition and Discovery (created 2020). Or simply Chartagon. This game is complete, and aimed at both casual and strategic playing. This game takes place during the Queen’s reign. Read more about Chartagon: competition here: https://chartagon.com/?page_id=23356
  2. Chartagon: Storm Post (created 2010). This game is complete, and is suitable for young children, parents, and anyone with imagination. This is where everything started, and the Queen’s bloodline starts, quite a few generations before the Queen is born. Read more about Storm Island here: https://chartagon.com/?page_id=5336
  3. Chartagon: Traces (created 2020). This game is complete, and is aimed at casual game players. This game also takes place during the Queen’s reign. Read more about Traces here: https://chartagon.com/?page_id=5125
  4. Chartagon: Lost Towers (development started 2017). This game is under game testing, and is aimed for casual playing. This is where you will know the end of the Queen’s bloodline. Read more about Lost Towers here: https://chartagon.com/?page_id=5341

While these four games form the spine of the Chartagon world, there are other games that we originally did not plan for. For example, there is a Chartagonian mini game for the Chartagonian Guides (dice), a single deck card game, and we have worked a lot on a the mechanics for a very spatial game which we don’t know where to place yet. Time will tell.

However, the Chartagon world is more that just the board games. There is a grandiose history of the world (not completely told here though, as some part are revealed only in the games and in short novels), game apps, music, and even some reciepes. Here are some very important facts about the world:

  • “Our Creator” is the power that created the world and set the plot. Our Creator is present in all games in one way or another, but perhaps most concretely in Storm Island.
  • The setting is a cross-medevial-victorian world, but because time and space is controlled by our Creator, there may be some artefacts that does not fit with what you expect.
  • The people in Chartagon is common people, shaped by their (harsh) environment.
  • There is no magic available to players. Just mechanics. However, Our Creator can do pretty much, which may sometimes be considered “magic”.
  • There are no monsters. Just previously undiscovered animals, and while some of them are dangerous, most of them are not.
  • There is no evil (as far as we know). However, there are struggles and death from weather, wind, starvation, disease, etc, in some of the games.
  • In the beginning, there were only five people: 1) the constructor, 2) the lighthouse keeper, 3) the lighthouse keeper’s daughter, 4) the poet and 5) the clerk/writer. They were all urged to follow the will of our Creator, moving from island to island, striving to build a net of properly working lighthouses. Except the poet, who was a free spirit and did whatever she wanted, disregarding the plans of the Creator.
  • Many generations later, when the archipelago was inhabitated by different people (though mostly on the Main Island), the Queen was born. The Queen is a very special person. All Chartagonian people are willing to risk their lifes for her, and so would you if you had met her in person.

There are also more material, such as downloadable maps, and the blog where we present new findings about the world! You will find a lot of information (but not all) using the menu, but you can also contact us if you think that something is missing 🙂

We welcome you, and hope that you will enjoy the world of Chartagon!